Mrs. Long


Students, as the 3rd Quarter comes to an [Friday, April 24th],  I encourage you to get all of your work completed by then.  

The 4th Quarter

The 4th quarter will be optional and the decision to complete assignments provided should be one that you make with your family.  Additionally, I will not be the assigning teacher for the 4th Quarter assignments - please see below your teacher contact for the remainder of the year.


Period 4-Mr. Richmond:
Period 5-Mrs. Saccente:
Period 6-Ms. Spell:
Period 7-Mr. Harvey:  
NOTE:  AP English Language and Composition:  Exam - May 20, 2020

  • Senior grades due by: May 29, 2020
  • All diplomas will be mailed.
  • Graduation Ceremony-TBA
  • If you have any questions about graduation (i.e.credits, transcripts) contact your counselor directly.
  • Prom refunds will be mailed directly to parents, not students.  
If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact: Mrs. Rogers @

Finally, I am still here as an available resource, specifically, as it pertains to the review of College Admission/Scholarship essays -

I have really enjoyed my time with you, thank you for being such incredible

-Mrs. Long



Beginning this week [4/13] your teachers will be available in some virtual capacity - some may choose to Zoom or use other platforms to connect with you face-to-face, while others may opt to post work via Teams or email during designated times.

Whatever they feel most comfortable with, the goal is to engage with you all as best as we possibly can during this time.


How will Mrs. Long connect with her students for the remainder of the year?

I will be using Black Board Collaborate Ultra (BB) for  Virtual Face-Time Instruction - I will send out your BB participant link every Sunday by 5pm.  To connect to our virtual classroom all you need to do is login in to the classroom during your designated time slot below.

*The official time slot assigned by administration for English Instruction is Mondays from 8am-10am - Please see below the schedule for my classes during this time:

Class/Period Day/Time
Ap Lang [Grade 11] Mondays: 8am-8:50am
English 12 [Periods- 4,5,6] Mondays: 9am-9:50am




What will we be doing during this time?

I am so glad you asked! Every Tuesday I will post an assignment/reading/prompt/activity on your class Microsoft Team Page - we will use our class time to discuss key concepts, discuss current events and keep the learning going! 

*Please note: due to the teacher work day yesterday [4/13] - we will begin Monday, April 20th. There will be no assignments posted until the end of the 3rd Quarter - April 24th

**This week I will be responding to your emails and continuing to update your grades/assignments as you complete them.

Below are the official time slots for the English Department Office Hours/Student Conferences 

Day Time
Wednesdays 12pm-1pm
Fridays 1pm-2pm

What is Virtual Office Hours/Student Conference time?

During this time, I will be available by appointment to discuss assignments, answer your specific questions/concerns - *Due to the window of time allotted - Appointments will be scheduled in 15-minute blocks.  If more time is needed other arrangements to meet can be made. 

How do I schedule an appointment?

To schedule an appointment, please send me an email [] - with theSubject: Virtual Office Hours - (Student Name)

I can be available virtually (face-to-face) or via conference line. Please indicate your preference in your message- a link or conference line will be provided in my confirmation email.


Please know I am doing my best to manage all of your questions and concerns.  It is important that we all remember that everyone is going through something and our collective patience and understanding will be the formula for all of us to make it through this year successfully. Everyday is a new opportunity to make a decision to be better than the day before.  This is a tough time, but I encourage you to find something everyday to be thankful for.

Stay well and take care of each other!



Many of you have been inquiring about your grades, opportunities for make-up work and the ability to redo assignments.  Please see below answers to your most frequently asked questions:

Q 1. What can I do to improve my grade?

A 1. Due to the circumstances, all students have the opportunity to resubmit previous assignments for a higher grade OR complete assignments that were not turned in and earned a grade of 0 .  Assignments that earned a 0 are only eligible for a total possible score of 75.

* Please note: All of these assignments are due on or before April 24th by 3pm.

*Assignments given by Ms. Friend are not eligible for redo, as credit was given by administration during the staff transition.

*If you are uncertain how to make-up an assignment (because it was done in-class or was a worksheet you do not have, email me directly for instruction)

Q 2. Why has my grade changed?

A 2. Once we received official permission to access our grade books, assignments that had not been recorded were added, depending on the grade earned you will see an increase or decrease in your overall average.  You will continue to see changes as the quarter has been extended and work continues to be assessed.  If you are unhappy with any of the grades you earned, please refer to A 1 and get to work- you can do it!

Q 3.  I am currently failing, will I be able to graduate/pass?

A 3. Please defer to administration for graduation status. If you are concerned about passing my class, again, refer to A 1.

Q 4.  [English 12] Do I still have to complete my Satire Project?

A 5. Please navigate to Microsoft Teams, I have created a page for all of my classes (click assignments) to find information and guidance on the entire Satire Project and options for final project completion.

Q 5. Do you miss us?

A 5. Absolutely! My days are not nearly as exciting without your humor, sarcasm and thoughtful conversations!  I would rather be writing bathroom passes and hearing you recite your journal entries any day!

**Finally- Because I am your English teacher - it is my expectation that all emails sent to me, follow a proper letter format with complete sentences, punctuation and solid grammar.  Do not use text acronyms (i.e. LOL, IDK, bc) or slang in your communication. Take your time to capitalize/spell check and clearly articulate your questions and requests. Remember, everything you send/post digitally is a reflection of you.  

There are still so many uncertainties with the remainder of the year, and as your teacher, that is no different for me.  I will continue to do my best to respond to all of your emails, questions and concerns.  Please bare with me, and allow at least 24-48 hours for a reply.  As you know, I am also managing my students at George Mason as they too have extreme challenges with work, graduation and virtual instruction.

Let us continue to support each other, be understanding, compassionate and patient.  We WILL get through this and be so much better because of our resilience.  I am so proud of all you and continue to keep you in my prayers.

If you have any questions about specific assignments or make-up work - please email me with the specific assignment in the Subject Line.

Thank you and do try your best to still enjoy your Spring Break!

Class Schedule: 


Odd Days

Even Days

1 /2



3/ Flex


Flex Varies

5 / 4



7 / 6




Office Hours:
Monday-Friday: 8:00am-3:00pm via email - if a call is requested a conference line will be provided.  Please schedule via email.

Communication and Grades:
I can be contacted at: KingLV@Pwcs.Edu. Students and parents may check grades as they post via their individual accounts from StudentVue and ParentVue respectively.