Freedom Trail/Pond Clean up Day
Posted on 11/15/2019
Freedom Trail/Pond Clean up Day21 students and 3 faculty members braved the just above freezing temperatures to collect 17.80 pounds of trash. The majority of the trash items were collected along the Freedom Trail and Pond area. Freedom’s campus was remarkably clean with just a few small items on the main campus and a little bit more down by the football field due to the recent winds which blew over a trash can. The debris around the pond consisted mostly of plastic bottles, straws, plastic bottle tops, and foam plates and cups. There were some items we were not able to reach due to their placement in the water, but overall this crew made a difference. The students laughed, smiled, asked questions, and proved they were committed to their task! They did an incredible job and never once complained of the cold. Keep your eyes open for more opportunities to keep Freedom's Trail and Pond clean!