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 Bio II: Ecology

 Bio II: Ecology

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 AP Environmental

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 Bio II: Ecology

 Bio II: Ecology

Office Hours:
Tuesday 1-2pm via E-mail and MS Teams.
Friday 12-1pm via E-mail and MS Teams. 

Learning Management System:
This course uses Microsoft Office 365, NewsELA (access via 365), and EdPuzzle for digital distribution and turn in of class materials.


Communication and Grades:
I am reachable via my school email, ArrighGJ@pwcs.edu.   Students and parents may check grades as they post via their individual accounts from StudentVue and ParentVue respectively.    

Content Coverage Map
The Following tables will show in brief what has been covered so far, and what material to anticipate as the year moves forward. 
Bio II: Ecology
 Organized by Level and major topics                                
Covered so far: 
 Biosphere Level - Energy, Atmosphere,
 Biome Level - Terrestrial and Aquatic Biomes
 Ecosystem Level - Nutrient Cycling, (A)Biotic factors
 Community Level - Keystone, Invasive, Endangered Species   
 Population Level - Evolution and Adaptations
 Human Interactions - Pollution, Ecotourism
 To be covered:
 Community Level - Competition, Symbiosis, Predation
 Population Level - Growth Rates, Distribution
 Human Interactions - Careers and Conservation

AP Environmental
  Organized by College Board Unit and linked Textbook Chapters
Covered so far:
 Living World: Ecosystems  Ch 1, 3, 4
 Living World: Biodiversity   Ch 5, 6, 18
 Populations                      Ch 5, 6, 7
 Earth Systems and           Ch 4, 8
 Land & Water Use             Ch 9, 10, 11, 13, 20
 Energy and Resource Use  Ch 12, 13
 To be covered: Atmospheric Pollution         Ch 15
 Land and Water Pollution     Ch 14, 16, 17
 Global Change                    Ch 2, 19