Open M-F 7:05 to 7:25 

After-school hours coming soon!


Come see us at the Eagle's Perch 
where you can purchase:

  • school supplies
  • clothing
  • snacks
  • lip balm (by Freedom's Bee Club)
  • lotion
  • other sundries

~ See a list of our most popular items below. ~



The store is located next to the Apple Credit Union (our bank) across from the library and near the open cafeteria.


On sale during the day in room 2121 and 2122

Noise-canceling earbuds for instruction purposes $2.00/pair

8G Flash drives  $8.00ea or two for $14.00

Procedure: Teachers are to collect money from their students and then call Ms. Sobrio x3311 for the total quantity needed that class period and I will send a student to your room with the earbuds/flash drives; money will be collected by Ms. Sobrio from the ordering teacher at the end of the day. If the student needs change, they must come by my room between periods. Room 2122 (next to Mr. Schraml's office)


Teacher In-class Sales and Check-out Program:

This is good for when a full class or several of your classes need a similar item to do a project. Here's how it works:

  • Teachers pre-order and pick up supplies for sale in their classrooms.
  • We will pick up money daily
  • We pick up unsold items at the end of your checkout period. 

Special Order Services for Staff Members
~ Order unique supplies in bulk for your class activities through the Eagle's Perch ~

If you have a project where you will request a specific type of supply, give us a heads up and we can order it for you so your students can come to the store to purchase them. Examples: black poster board for Ecology projects, science fair tri-fold boards, or composition notebooks. 
***Freedom departments and advisers can save money by pooling requests for similar items being ordered in bulk--this allows us to make power buys of large quantities. Please consider pre-ordering over the summer or prior to leaving so we can have your supplies ready for you when you return in August.***

For order questions 
Please see Ms. Sobrio at the school store or email her at 


Most Popular Items at the Eagle's Perch:

  • pens: black, blue, red, green
  • mechanical and wood pencils individually or in bulk packages
  • highlighters: a variety of colors
  • 1-subject notebooks
  • 5-subject notebooks
  • composition notebooks
  • glue sticks
  • erasers
  • colored pencils
  • rulers
  • protractors
  • socks and crew neck t-shirts (for gym)
  • personal care: deodorant, lotion, hairbands, combs/picks, bobby pins, safety pins
  • gold spirit beads
  • mints
  • seasonal items for the trip home: hats and gloves
  • Spanish English Dictionary (South American Spanish) 
    ~  French and Urdu dictionaries coming soon  ~