Welcome to Freedom High School Model UN Club page!

Model United Nations Club is a simulation of the actual international organization, the United Nations that was established in 1945 with the purpose to maintain global peace and security in the world. The Model UN is a social and educational practice that intends to promote respectful interaction, leadership and global citizenship among youth as well as knowledge of international affairs. Students in middle schools, high schools, colleges and universities in the United States and the rest of the world participate in the Model UN club and sharpen their research, writing, speaking and debating skills, while they are addressing real world events and are seeking solutions to real world problems. Through Model UN many students became familiar with career paths that determine later in life their professional choices. Most of the students who participate in the Model UN club are exceptional academically and demonstrate inspiring and noble character and conduct.

Model UN delegates participate in academic conferences, they are assigned specific countries and they assume the role of the ambassador of that country in a specific committee. Freedom delegates usually meet once a week after school and they prepare the defense of their position in a specific topic usually 2-3 weeks before a conference. At the end of every conference, awards are given to those who not only present the position of their country but they are also creative, original, diplomatic and thorough in their arguments.

Can you think of a better forum to learn and practice life skills?

Every student who comes to school with the purpose to succeed academically can find in Model UN a committee and a role that would fit his/her personality and interests.  Come and join this prestigious club and find out why millions of students around the world are so passionate about it.

Conference Participation fees range from $20 to $25 per student and we may participate in more than 3 conferences during the academic year!

First Meeting:Tuesday September 10, 2019 at 2:15 Room 1128


Club Sponsor: Adamantia Tsoumpa