Dual Enrollment

Northern Virginia Community College and Prince William County Public Schools have partnered to create a dual-enrolled (DE) program in Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning for rising PWCS juniors. It is a program allowing students to graduate from high school with 16 college credits toward a career certificate in HVAC. The cost of participating in the DE program is covered by PWCS. Students take their college course work at NOVA’s Woodbridge campus for 2 hours every other day. After applying, in order to be officially accepted students must pass the Virginia Placement Test or show qualifying scores on the ACT, PSAT, or SAT in order to enroll in the NVCC courses. Students will spend the other portion of their school day at Freedom HS completing their high school requirements.


All interested students need to complete the online specialty program application by February 1st and if accepted will be transfer students attending Freedom HS the upcoming school year.

Students who are currently enrolled or transfer to Freedom High will take the following high school courses:

9th grade – Technical Drawing and Design
10th grade – Construction Technology
11th grade – HVAC I @ NVCC
12th grade – HVAC II @ NVCC

Because this unique program requires travel to the NVCC campus, please work with your counselor to ensure all high school graduation requirements can be completed.

Online Application for TRANSFER and current Freedom HS students - Due Feb 1st:

Please see the High School Catalog or your counselor for more information about this exciting opportunity. In addition, you may contact Ms. Wedge, Specialty Coordinator at Freedom HS at 703-583-1405 or wedgecj@pwcs.edu.