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I know everyone is having trouble logging into SMS.  In case you cannot get in: WHII : You will have a quiz this week on 5a,5b,5c.  We will review and test on 2a Nations, 2c15ab Religions, 2de Trade Routes and Products, and 5a Ottomans, 5b Mughals, 5c China and Japan.  Please practice on my weebly page.  It is newellta.weebly.com  use the WHII tab APHUG: Testing on Unit 1 Tuesday and Wednesday.  I made a review page for you on my weebly site.  Under the APHUG tabe go to the map/geo and it is in the side menu that pops up.   PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE remember that tests are a HUGE part of your grade and prepare.
Posted by newellta  On Sep 18, 2016 at 5:01 PM
Recent Posts
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