Freedom Gaming

The Gaming Program is offered at Freedom High School to students as an elective course. Mr. Fiore has been teaching Game Design and Development for over 17 years.

Game Design and Development Brochure

Game Design and Development (8400)

Suggested Grade Levels: 10-12

Gaming is not just fun and games, it is a serious industry that is even larger than Hollywood!  The gaming industry grosses more than $100 billion a year, proving that gaming is not child's play.

Students in Game Design and Development will learn about the full game development cycle including concept art, user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) development, coding non-player character behavior, and many other facets of the gaming experience. Students will also be working with 2D environments using Game Maker Studio 2 and 3D environments with Unity. This class is ideal for a student interested in becoming part of one of the most cutting-edge and largest growing industries.  Students should be proficient in Design and Multimedia which is taken in the "Communication Systems" class.

Game Design and Development, Advanced (8401)
Grade Levels: 11-12
Prerequisites: Game Design and Development

Students will work collaboratively in teams to refine their game design skills as they apply graphic design, animation, audio and writing skills to create innovative games for education and entertainment. This project-based course enhances problem solving, project management, and communication skills through the analysis, design, construction, and critique of interactive games. Students will learn about career opportunities in game design and development and investigate the training and certification requirements.

Game Design ClassGame Design ClassGame Design Class