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"The capacity to learn is a gift.  
The ability to learn is a skill.
The willingness to learn is a choice." -Brian Herbert

Freedom Databases

School databases are available for use anywhere there is internet.  Help yourself to the bookmark at the FHS Library circulation desk containing the logins and passwords for home use.  Please see a librarian if you need assistance.  

Ebsco Research Databases   

MyPlan.com Looking for a career.  This is a specialized, free database with information on careers and the education you need to get the job you want. 

World Factbook by the CIA provides facts on countries throughout the world: maps, profiles, and country comparisons.

Culture Grams provides reliable up-to-date cultural content.  It is the one of the most widely used cultural reference and curriculum products for cultural content.

Find It Virginia - High School is free for high school students in Virginia. With your public library card you have access to much more - ebooks, popular magazines,  newspapers and multimedia on topics most often researched in high school. You just put in you public library and link it to your email for easy access. 

Gale Databases - includes Opposing Viewpoints! (All Gale databases offer translations into several different languages)  Gale Group Databases is a database containing several smaller databases.  It includes: Infotrac, Expanded Academic, Culinary Arts, Biography Resource Center, and many more.

ProCon.org - this website is an independent nonpartisan organization that presents both pro and con sides of current issues many of which are related to student research topics.

World Book Encyclopedia (Offers article translations into 31 different languages) While most of our students will use the advanced and student versions, this World Book Encyclopedia database is good for the whole family. It includes: World Book Kids, World Book Discoverer, World Book Hallazgos, World Book Student, and World Book Advanced.

Encyclopedia Virginia Focus is Virginia history and culture.  It has primary documents, high resolution images, maps, audio & video and virtual tours of many historically important sites in Virginia.

Links for Class Projects

EasyBib.com - use the drop-down list to create your MLA citation. Prince William County uses the seventh Edition of the Handbook

Inside Nova - local News and Events online newspaper

KnightCite - Teacher Recommended!   This citation generator comes from the Heckman Library at Calvin College.  It's in a user friendly format -easy to use and understand.

The OWL at Purdue Writing Lab - examples of citations from The Writing Lab & The OWL at Purdue and Purdue University. MLA Citations 
Plagiarism and Paraphrasing article

Movie Maker Tutorials: XP - see short video tutorials to help you create your MovieMaker project.

Pics4learning - free, copyright-friendly images for use with school projects.

PWN Prince William Network - Distance learning network for Prince William County.  It contains links for electronic field trips and online courses for educators.

Son of Citation Machine - once in this website, click MLA, choose your resource type, plug in your citation information, and hit "Make Citation".  This will format your information into MLA format.  Copy and paste the citation into your works cited page.

The Stream - PWC TV Access - PWC access to TV channels streaming over internet. It is only available for computers on PWCS network computers in PWC school district buildings.

Washington Post Online - read the Washington Post Daily-Online

Zamzar - video converter - convert your video to a format compatible with MovieMaker: .avi, .wmv, .mpeg, etc.

Online Tutorial

Arcadia University in California put together these interactive web tutorials to help you navigate through your research paper quest.  

Research it Right!
You Quote It, You Note It!   
Credible Sources Count!    
Searching With Success!

Technology Help

Quick Reference Cards These reference cards will teach you the basics about the Microsoft programs listed below.  Think you know it all already?  The reference cards will also teach you how to use quick keys to help you work more efficiently.

Excel IconExcel Quick Reference Card (PDF)

Office logoOffice Quick Reference Card (PDF)

Power Point logoPower Point Quick Reference Card (PDF)

College Links

College CentralThe FHS Counseling Department has lots of information to assist you in navigating your way through high school. Visit their pages often to stay informed and prepared for your future.

PSAT Information and PSAT Practice Tests - The PSAT/NMSQT test is given students in 10th and 11th grades.  Even 9th graders can learn about the tests they will take in high school, and prepare for them by taking practice tests online.

SAT Practice Tests - links to help you practice the SAT test

SAT Registration - register for the SAT test.  Freedom's code is 472469. View SAT Dates and Locations.

ACT Practice Tests - Link to help you practice for the ACT test

ACT RegistrationRegister for the ACT test.  Freedom's code is 472469. View ACT Dates and Locations

College Board - College Search - a tool to help you select the best college

Virginia Public Colleges and Universities - A list of all Virginia public colleges and universities with links to their Websites

i-am-the-one.com - A college planning website to help you plan your future and choose a college. Financial Aid information is included on this website.  

Career Links

Links to help find a career, conduct research, and learn about job opportunities.

VA Career View - Provides career profiles including anticipated job growth and income.

VA Career Wizard - This website contains a wide variety of information.  It has a quick assessment tools which matches careers to your interests and skills.  It has a college planner, and information to help you get internships, help you build a resume' and provides interview tips.

Military.com - This site will answer many questions you have regarding joining the military and taking the ASVAB test.  It has study tips and a practice test.  Freedom Library has ten books on the ASVAB including ASVAB for Dummies that you can study online as an eBook; recommended by Military.com.

Official ASVAB WebsiteThis is the official testing website.  It has information about the test, contains sample questions and explains the score.

Encyclopedia Virginia - Features primary sources, high resolution images, maps, audio & video as well as virtual field trips. It covers Virginia history and culture - a wonderful history resource.

High School Help

SOL Resources - to help you score high on your SOL tests

Khan Academy - If you don't learn it in class, you still need to learn it.  Learn anything free at Khan Academy.  It's a great resource for your high school studies.


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