Dual Enrollment

Northern Virginia Community College, Woodbridge, has teamed up with Freedom High School to offer high school students the opportunity to take college classes at the same time they are earning credits for high school graduation. 

Tuition is FREE!

The Dual Enrollment Program at Freedom High School was one of the first such programs in Virginia to offer such a wide variety of specialized curriculum. The Freedom High School teachers who teach these classes are also Adjunct Faculty members at Northern Virginia Community College. These classes are being taught to the standards and expectations required of all classes offered at Northern Virginia Community College.

Students that are in the Dual Enrollment Program will have a college transcript from Northern Virginia Community College.

Freedom High School currently offers 42 College Credits in its Dual Enrollment Program.  Students can take:

BIO 101 - General Biology I
BIO 102 - General Biology II

CST 110 - Introduction to Communication
CST 100 - Principles of Public Speaking

ENG 111 - College Composition I
ENG 112 - College Composition II

ITE 115 - Introduction To Computer Applications
ITN 110 - Introduction to Telecommunications 
ITD 110 - Web Design I
ITD 210 - Web Design II 

PHT 101 - Photography I

PLS 211 - U.S. Government I
PLS 212 - U.S. Government II

SDV 100 - College Success Skills

Dual Enrollment Brochure