Description of Program:
The state of Virginia defines gifted students as those “in public elementary and secondary schools beginning in kindergarten through graduation whose abilities and potential for accomplishment are so outstanding that they require special programs to meet their educational needs.” (Department of Education Regulations Governing Educational services for Gifted Students)
In Prince William County, services are provided for students who are identified as gifted in the following areas: general intellectual aptitude, specific quantitative aptitude, or specific verbal aptitude.

Name of Gifted Teacher: Bryan Harvey


Meeting times and locations: 

Here is a link to the Gifted Seminar calendar. Grade level seminars are held on a rotating basis during 2nd, 4th, and 6th periods. 

2nd, 4th, and 6th period seminars meet in Room #1005. 

Field trip to the National Art Gallery:

The field trip is scheduled for April 2nd. Students should receive a letter and a permission form by the first or second week of March. Space is limited, so seminar attendance and participation will be a possible factor in deciding who can attend. Please see Mr. Harvey in room #1004 for details or email him at 

Summer Residential Governor's School for the Performing and Visual Arts:

The Residential Governor's School takes place over the summer and places high school artists and performers among their like-minded and talented peers, providing them with a community experience and access to some of the state's leading mentors in the arts. 

By October 24, students should request a local audition time at The auditions will be held at Colgan High School on November 5-6. Students will also need to complete the preliminary application prior to the audition. The preliminary application can be found here

The state auditions will be held in January. Between November and January, those students who qualified for the state audition process will need to fill out and complete a state application. Local and state audition requirements are available at

Governor's School @ Innovation Park:  Students can apply in 10th grade if they meet the prerequisite requirements, and once accepted they can attend Governor's School during their junior and senior years.  This is a math and science program of study and is geared towards students seeking to work in these fields in college and beyond. 

Here is the link for the Online Intent to Apply Form. Filling out this form will provide students with access to the entire application. The entire application is due by Feb. 1st for Prince William students.