Medical Coding and Billing Certification Program

Medical Coding and Billing I:
  • Introduced to healthcare systems
  • How to manage an office
  • Electronic medical record
    • Field of medical coding and billing
  • Field of health informatics
  • Accounting Principles
Prerequisites: CIS, Adv CIS, and Biology 11 th and 12 th
Suggested not required: Accounting, Anatomy (Bio II: Survey) 
Medical Coding and Billing II:
  • Health insurance industry and legal and regulatory issues
  • Principles of medical coding and billing
    • reimbursement,
    • claim submission
    • payment regarding
      • ICD, CPT, and HCPCS coding systems
  • Impact of fraud
  • Importance of biomedical ethics.
NHA Certified Billing and Coding Specialist ( CBCS )
  1. Regulatory compliance
  2. Claims Processing
  3. Front-end Duties
  4. Payment Adjudication
  5. Apply Knowledge of Coding
Salary In Job Outlook: $39,000 to $65,000