Criminal Justice

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Mr. Fowler, Instructor

The Criminal Justice Program is offered at Freedom High School to students as an elective course. 

Criminal Justice Brochure (PDF) Criminal Justice Brochure

Criminal Justice I (8702)

Suggested Grade Levels: 10-12
Prerequisites: NONE

This course is designed for students who are considering a career in criminal justice. The course prepares students for career opportunities within the criminal justice system, as well as entrance into institutions of higher learning. Specific areas of training will be provided in criminal law and investigation, security training, communications, emergency response, crimes, search and seizures, arrests, crime prevention, court procedure and police operations. The program is structured to give students a strong academic background with the skills and knowledge necessary to meet the needs of a career in any of the cited fields. In addition, experts from various agencies provide in-depth information and experiences.

Criminal Justice II (8703)
Suggested Grade Levels: 10-12
Prerequisites: Criminal Justice I

This course is an in-depth study of crime in America, our courts in action and law enforcement efforts to deal with crime. The course will look into victimization, due process, and constitutional laws affecting law enforcement as well as a review of sentencing offenders, parole, prison rehabilitation, and corrections. Included will be a view of other employment careers in private and mechanical security systems as well as local, state, and federal law enforcement. A major component of level 2 will include criminology research.


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